Garden of the Gods

During a January trip to Colorado, I was able to travel to Garden of the Gods near Colorado Springs and Pike’s Peak.Garden of Gods-1j

As best I can recall, we took a family vacation here when I was quite young, although I didn’t have any specific memory of the red rock wonderland. Thanks to a few hours of photoremedy, however, I’m quite certain I won’t soon forget this impressive destination; it is an awesome setting for both traditional and fine art landscape photography.

Garden of Gods fap j

Garden of the Gods – Fine Art Photography

GOG's Three Pics

Pike's Peak - Fine Art Photography

Pike’s Peak – Fine Art Photography

Note: The photoremedy mission is to encourage those fighting chronic pain and other afflictions to consider using photography as a powerful tool to move their focus away from the pain. In the process, we strive to enhance readers’ ability to see beauty and experience elevated joy in their lives. There are many gifts that can accompany health challenges; one of the greatest offerings is it frequently forces sufferers to set better priorities for their lives and assists them in seeing the world in new and more meaningful ways.