Farewell Seattle?

Lake Union - Seattle, Washington

Lake Union – Seattle, Washington

Over the past couple of years, Mary and I fell in love with the Seattle area. Our youngest son, Will, was there to complete his studies at the Academy of Interactive Entertainment (AIE). We were fortunate enough to visit him several times, and always took advantage of the opportunity while in the Seattle area to squeeze in ample amounts of photoremedy.

Will has now graduated and is back in Arizona and scheduled to open the doors to his new career in January.GarageDoors1jFeatured below are some of the Seattle area–photography and digital art–I’ve played around with this year.

Lake Union Area

Volunteer Park

Seattle Flowers (most are from the spectacular Volunteer Park Conservatory)

St. James Cathedral

Seattle Dining (photos from one of our favorites – Pasta Freska)

Fall City, Washington

Rural Washington

We don’t have any Seattle or Washington trips planned for the near future. I have a feeling, however, that it won’t be long before the seductive landscape, cerulean waters, unique dining, and magical fall forests call us back. And–yes–I’ll bring my camera!

Seattle Neighborhood

Seattle Neighborhood

4 thoughts on “Farewell Seattle?

    • It’s ironic you that you put it that way, Kelley. I often say I hope that when I die people will be able to know almost everything about me; just by looking at my photos and photography based digital art, they will be able to know how I see the world. I see so much beauty. When I’m really lucky, I feel that looking through the camera’s view finder often provides me a sort of a mystical opportunity to see people and places as God sees them. He sees so much beauty. When this happens for those of us who love photography, it helps us better understand that our Creator often gives us a preview of what it to come – on heaven and on earth!

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