Ireland’s Glorious Ring of Kerry

As the video above illustrates, Ireland’s Ring of Kerry is a multifaceted cannot miss attraction for visitors to the Emerald Isle.

For the Irish people, it is a National Treasure.

Killarney National Park

And for those of us in need of a little photoremedy that takes us to a better place, there are few places that offer such a diverse menu of peaceful gems.

The video slide show at the top of this post, edited to Willie Nelson’s version of ‘Danny Boy,’ is designed to illustrate just how diverse the Ring of Kerry is and why the destination is much loved.The photos in the video take you on a tour that begins in the Old Killarney Village. It then offers the gorgeous vistas of the Irish coast, Killarney National Park, historic Muckross House and Gardens, and the spectacular Torc Waterfall.

We continue to appreciate the great feedback on our ‘Irish samples.’ If you missed one of our earlier video slide shows, just click below to take you to:

The Dingle Peninsula or The Balleyheigue Area 

First pitch video remedy

By Andrew Gilstrap

It isn’t every day that somebody you know wins the lottery. Or throws the first pitch in an MLB game. Well, my dad and I can claim the latter now.

Our neighbor and good friend, John Perez, a.k.a. ‘JP,’ a.k.a. ‘Johnny,’ got selected to throw out the first pitch before a Chicago Cubs and Arizona Diamondbacks game here in Phoenix at Chase Field. It was a Friday night game and one of the last of the MLB’s regular season.

Unsure of whether the pitch would be televised for Johnny’s friends in the neighborhood, my dad and I, already planning to go to the game with Johnny and his family, brought along a Handycam and my semi-new, high-end Canon SLR camera. We were more than happy to do the visual production for the evening.


Perez (center, green shirt) waits patiently with his family before the start of the game.

My dad shot the video for Johnny’s first pitch, and I had my first real opportunity to test out the shutter speed on my camera.

Once he was summoned to the mound, it all happened and was over quickly. My dad asked, “He threw a strike, huh?”

I couldn’t even verify. I was so caught up in capturing the moment that I didn’t really pay attention to the result.


Perez’s pitch easily gets over the plate.

Although I love having a new, powerful camera in my hands, the real joy out of all this was getting to produce a couple short videos of Johnny’s moment. If you haven’t already, watch the video at the top of this post. The second video can be found here. Be sure to watch ’em both in HD.

wind up

Perez winds up.

One video utilizes all the still photos I took. The other consists of the video from the Handycam my dad shot, which was obviously easier to edit. I gave each a different flavor, adding transitions and music to both.

For me, working to make videos was like therapy. Amid a chaotic final semester while working on my master’s degree, it was nice to get my mind off school and make something that our neighborhood friends would appreciate. It was great seeing the feedback the videos got on Facebook and seeing comments like, “Thanks for documenting it for the rest of us.”

Prior to the game, Johnny with his two daughters and CenturyLink co-worker, Alex.

I know it was a special moment for Johnny, his family, and his company (CenturyLink), and I hope at least one of my videos is worthy of commemorating the moment for years to come. Because, although I don’t know anyone who has won the lottery, I now know someone who has done something close on the scale of luck. Johnny was called to the big stage, and he delivered.

The Most Beautiful Place on Earth?

Ireland’s breathtaking Dingle Peninsula was reportedly once cited by National Geographic as being “the most beautiful place on earth” and has been voted among the top 100 destinations in the world by Trip Advisor. After visiting there myself, I would like to add additional praise. I have never been to a place that offered greater photoremedy.

Dingle Village – County Kerry, Ireland

By the time Mary and I pulled into the enchanting town of Killarney, we were having a hard time rising to the challenge of driving both the Ring of Kerry and the Dingle Peninsula. As it turned out, we weren’t.

Instead, we did something we didn’t think we would be willing to do until one or both of us were unable to drive. We booked day trips on motor coaches operated out of Killarney by Deros Tours. We thought we were twenty years ahead of our time–at least Mary’s–for this means of travel. But, thankfully, we were wrong. It was the way to go in County Kerry, and we are now open to touring this way elsewhere.

Both tours offered extremely comfortable seating, we stopped frequently (which is an absolute necessity for me), we let a more experienced driver navigate the winding roads, our tour guides were incredibly informative with considerable Irish wit and charm, and I was able to enjoy photoremedy while we were both on and out of the coach.

Looking out the window on the Dingle Peninsula

Hopefully, our video slide show does the Dingle Peninsula a tiny bit of justice. If you haven’t seen it yet, sit back, treasure the incredible scenery, turn up the volume, and admire the music of Noriana Kennedy. We met Noriana when she sung at our friends’ unforgettable wedding  near Cork at the start of our trip; we all fell in love with her smiling demeanor and considerable musical gifts. If you would like to read more about Noriana, or buy her music, you can visit her website at

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