Ireland’s Glorious Ring of Kerry

As the video above illustrates, Ireland’s Ring of Kerry is a multifaceted cannot miss attraction for visitors to the Emerald Isle.

For the Irish people, it is a National Treasure.

Killarney National Park

And for those of us in need of a little photoremedy that takes us to a better place, there are few places that offer such a diverse menu of peaceful gems.

The video slide show at the top of this post, edited to Willie Nelson’s version of ‘Danny Boy,’ is designed to illustrate just how diverse the Ring of Kerry is and why the destination is much loved.The photos in the video take you on a tour that begins in the Old Killarney Village. It then offers the gorgeous vistas of the Irish coast, Killarney National Park, historic Muckross House and Gardens, and the spectacular Torc Waterfall.

We continue to appreciate the great feedback on our ‘Irish samples.’ If you missed one of our earlier video slide shows, just click below to take you to:

The Dingle Peninsula or The Balleyheigue Area 

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