Zane Grey RV Park

Our summer series featuring a few of the great RV parks and resorts in (or near) Arizona’s Verde Valley continues with a look at some of the photoremedy we enjoyed while staying an hour or so to the north of our Anthem, Arizona home. This post features one of the most lovingly maintained parks we’ve come across – Zane Grey, located to the southeast of Camp Verde.

While staying at Zane Grey, we explored Clear Creek, the historic Clear Creek Church, colorful Camp Verde, and the mountain top charm of the Pine and Strawberry areas.

Up next, we’ll conclude our series with a look at Quail Ridge RV Park, the hidden secrets of Montezuma’s Well, and photoremedy enjoyed while visiting Verde Valley farms.

National Park Service's Montezuma Well

National Park Service’s Montezuma Well

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Verde Valley Thousand Trails

As highlighted in our most recent post, Mary and I have spent a portion of the summer at three RV resorts that are located in cooler country about an hour north of our Anthem, AZ home. All of the attractions and scenery in this series can be easily accessed from any of the the three campgrounds, which are roughly located 20-30 miles from each other.

In this post, we focus on Verde Valley Thousand Trails.

From Thousand Trails, we targeted sightseeing and photoremedy in three primary areas.

Cottonwood, AZ

Sedona, AZ

Jerome, AZ

When our Arizona summer series continues, we’ll feature photoremedy from Camp Verde, Pine & Strawberry, and the farmer’s markets of the Verde Valley.

Photoremedy is primarily based on the role that photography has played in helping Greg W. Gilstrap attempt to combat ongoing chronic pain issues that stem from his degenerative cervical and lumbar spine challenges. It is designed to encourage others fighting chronic pain (and other illnesses) to consider pursuing the benefits associated with what is popularly known as art therapy. It’s important to note that many of the photos Greg takes and develops frequently blur the lines between traditional art and contemporary photography, much as art therapy often blurs the lines between traditional and alternative forms of medicine.

The Heat is On

Mary and I have adopted a new approach this year to combating Arizona’s annual ‘fry your hands (among other things) on the steering wheel’ season. We’ve been ‘Rving it,’ alternating between roughly two weeks in the mountains about an hour to the north of our Anthem, AZ home and then approximately two weeks back home. It’s an ideal situation, as the temperatures generally drop significantly as we head north and we are close enough to make day trips back for medical appointments (there have been a bunch this year) and family matters.


Not only has it helped us beat (and appreciate) the heat, it has also provided awesome photoremedy opportunities.

Clear Creek Church - Near Camp Verde, AZ

Clear Creek Church – Camp Verde, AZ

We have at stayed three different campgrounds and are happy to report they all have a lot to offer.

Quail Ridge

Zane Grey RV Park

Verde Valley Thousand Trails

Each of these parks are located no more than 20 minutes or so from Camp Verde. Even better, they are also a short drive from several awesome visitor destinations and extremely photogenic areas. Over the next few weeks, many of the photographs captured during our in-state summer pursuits will be featured. Stay cool and stay tuned.

Near Verde Valley Thousand Trails RV Resort

Summer Storm – Near Verde Valley Thousand Trails RV Resort

Note: is published as a labor of love. Please feel free to share the site, or any of our posts, with others. Our Home Page always features an option for our readers to sign up to immediately receive new material as an email. We hope you will become a part of our photoremedy network.

Mary’s Mad Meatballs

This is Photoremedy readers’ lucky day. Today, Mary (Gilstrap) let me capture the before and after photos of her should-be-famous meatballs.

Mary's Mad Meatballs

Mary’s Mad Meatballs

More importantly–for our readers–she’s letting me share the recipe.

Mary’s Mad Meatballs

Meatballs: 1.5 pounds of ground beef, 1 chopped medium sweet onion, 1.25 cups of spicy hot vegetable juice (we prefer V8 brand), 1 egg, 1 package of dry onion soup mix, .75 cup of quick oatmeal. Mix all of the ingredients together; add the dry oatmeal last after all of the other meatball ingredients have been combined. Form into meatballs and place in muffin tins as the above shows. By cooking in muffin tins, the chef can guarantee each meatball gets its fair share of the delicious sauce.

Sauce: .66 cups of ketchup, 1 tablespoon of Worcestershire sauce, 3 tablespoons of brown sugar, 1.5 tablespoons of prepared mustard, ground black and ground cayenne pepper to taste. Mix all of the ingredients together, and pour on top of the meatballs as the above shows. Bake for approximately 40 minutes (or until done) at 325 degrees.

Why have I dubbed them mad meatballs? Because you’ll be really mad if you are denied the opportunity to experience more than one. Enjoy!

Great Tavern Food

Last June, we featured the rapidly growing, cool-country vacation and retirement centers of Pine and Strawberry in north-central Arizona. Mary and I enjoyed the heat-beating benefits of the historic region so much that we’ve already found our way back there this year for a little more photoremedy and food.

Pine, Arizona

Pine, Arizona

Our recent visit provided us with the added benefit of allowing us to catch up with our old friend, Maher Hazine.

Maher Hazine

Maher Hazine

We’ve known Maher, and his wife Kim, since we all began attending the same Anthem-area church many years ago. Both Maher and Kim were tireless volunteers, with Maher frequently seen flipping burgers or dogs at many church festivals and feasts. At the time, we did not know just how much he loved feeding people good food in a friendly environment. Today, the Hazines are the proprietors of Sidewinders Tavern and Grill in Pine.

Sidewinders - Pine, Arizona

Sidewinders – Pine, Arizona

It’s an awesome fit. Great food and friends is just another reason for us to keep returning to Pine, Arizona.

Sidewinders - Pine, Arizona

Sidewinders – Pine, Arizona

Sidewinders - Pine, Arizona

Sidewinders – Pine, Arizona

Hippies – Now and Then

Last summer, Mary and I stumbled upon a “Hippie Vehicle” that stimulated a lot of response here on Photoremedy.

Two Hippies Beach House - 501 East Camelback Rd., Phoenix

Two Hippies Beach House – 501 East Camelback Rd., Phoenix

I’m happy to report that, courtesy of Main Street in Camp Verde, Arizona, this year we have found what appears to be the four wheeled forefather of the great American Hippie Bus.

Main Street - Camp Verde, AZ

Main Street – Camp Verde, AZ

This should dispel the notion that any one decade or generation has a corner on producing colorful, unforgettable times. What can you do to make other people smile or to ensure your generation is memorable? Let’s commit to making this the best, most momentous summer of our lives – one that history will never forget!