Houmas House Plantation

Located along one of the many scenic Mississippi River curves south of Baton Rouge lies what is often referred to as the Crown Jewel of Louisiana’s River Road. The Houmas House Plantation and Gardens is a destination for both tourists and locals.

Houmas House Plantation and Gardens

Houmas House Plantation and Gardens

The one time sugar plantation, originally owned by the indigenous Houmas Indians when they were given a land grant to occupy the fertile plain between the river and Lake Maurepas to the north, now features a myriad of attributes that keep visitors coming (and coming back). On its grounds are an historic inn, beautiful gardens and statues, spectacular oaks trees, several themed restaurants, wedding amenities, guided tours, and motion picture history.

There are even rumors of a couple of ghostly spirits that have reportedly been witnessed by mature, sober adults.

Houmas House proved to be one of our top Louisiana photoremedy destinations. We didn’t encounter any ghosts, but we saw enough to understand why someone would want to return to this magnificent destination.Houmas House Dress 1j fap

Photoremedy is primarily based on the role that photography has played in helping Greg W. Gilstrap attempt to combat ongoing chronic pain issues that stem from his degenerative cervical and lumbar spine challenges. It is designed to encourage others fighting chronic pain (and other illnesses) to consider pursuing the benefits associated with what is popularly known as art therapy. It’s important to note that many of the photos Greg takes and develops frequently blur the lines between traditional art and contemporary photography, much as art therapy often blurs the lines between traditional and alternative forms of medicine.

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