Photoremedy Photo of the Year: 2012 First Cut

We are preparing for our second annual Photo of the Year contest, and we need your input before we narrow the list down to the top 10-12 photographs that will be featured in our year end vote.

The video slide show featured above offers the first cut of the photos that we feel are worthy of being the 2012 Photo of the Year. Our readers are encouraged to view the video above (remember to click on the sprocket and select HD) and to then comment on their favorite photos from this list.  Please make note of the watermarked extensions featured on each slide, such as – ab or – h4, and then refer to the extension when registering your comments at the bottom of this blog post in the ‘Leave a Reply’ box. If you are one of my Facebook friends, you can also register comments on my Facebook page.

We’ll take comments up until noon on 12/21/12. After the comment period ends, 10-12 final photos will be featured here on, along with a voting mechanism. We’ll also give a little background on each photo. Thank you in advance for your help in narrowing down the list.

6 thoughts on “Photoremedy Photo of the Year: 2012 First Cut

  1. This is impossible! But right now, I vote for the white thatched-roof home with the red doors (at). So authentic, and I love the colors. The pics are all excellent, I would also vote for the one of Emmett and Drew (e1). And the butterflies in the bowl (b9). Color me indecisive!!!!

  2. Greg, any of the Ireland pics are great! All of them would make fantastic puzzles :). My top picks of those would be ax, at, an, ai, af, aj, then of course Emmett’s e1 and e2…two others I liked we’re h3 (Kansas) and b5b! Look forward to the results.

  3. What a fun task! I love all of the pictures and it is tough to narrow them down. I seem to be partial to the Ireland pictures 🙂
    My top five picks in no particular order (because it would drive me crazy to choose my absolute favorites): af, ai, aj, al, an. Other favorites include aw, at, h5 and meg.
    Thank you for this worthwhile break from grading!

  4. Awesome Photos 🙂 Difficult decision, Like all. 🙂
    g2 Veterans Memorial e1, e2 Emmett, Andrew ,n3 Bee Saguaro Blossom
    Of the ones from Ireland at, white thatched-roof home,and ad

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