Winning In Las Vegas

Want to know the easiest way to win in Las Vegas? It’s simple. Don’t gamble. A safer bet is to enjoy a sampling of the many other entertaining options now featured in this spectacularly unique destination.

Fortunately, that was easy to do when my son and I traveled there this summer for an overnight trip to catch a few NBA Summer League basketball games. We left Phoenix in the morning, caught a few games on the UNLV campus in the afternoon and evening, had dinner and a couple of beers, and then we called it a night in our $37 (summer rate) room in the Luxor tower.

That is an awesome aspect of traveling to Las Vegas these days. If you do not feel like paying for the casino–a dealer once told me, “Look at this beautiful facility, who do you think is winning?”–there is plenty of diverse entertainment, great food, and occasionally more than reasonable rates for quality accommodations.

And, if you are an early riser like I was on this trip, there is plenty of photoremedy to be had. Even though we may often feel like everything in Las Vegas has been photographed by nearly everyone, I enjoyed the opportunity to take a few pictures when the strip was bathed in the softness of morning light. I felt like I was able to capture a few images that were unique – at least unique for me. More importantly, I enjoyed doing it when the temperatures were below 100 degrees and when I knew I would be heading home with a little spare change in my pocket.

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