A Great Place To Wine

We would love to tell you that Mary and I spent hours trying to determine the ultimate way to spend our 30th wedding anniversary. But, we cannot do that since we are not as comfortable as so many of today’s politicians are with stretching the truth.

Photos and collage by Greg

Wien Cellars

No, the truth of the matter is Mary found a Living Social deal on a boutique wine villa (appropriately named Villa del Vino) across the border from us in Temecula, California.  And, since we love getting away in the summer almost as much as we love a good deal at a great place, the anniversary journey was on.



Maurice Car’rie Winery and Kitchen

So, shortly after our actual anniversary, we headed from our Arizona home for a short stay in Idyllwild and then on to a couple of days of wine tasting and photoremedy in Temecula.

Leoness Cellars

And, what did we think?

The easiest answer is it exceeded all of our (already lofty) expectations. While Temecula is a bit of a late comer to California’s grape growing excellence, it is both beautiful and the source of some great wines. We were particularly fond of the red wines produced in this — between San Diego and Orange County — region.

South Coast Winery Resort and Spa

More importantly, as my back was acting up, the incredible photo opportunities offered by the lush and meticulously manicured countryside helped take us to a better place.

Better for me because I was up at sunrise for a leisurely photo journey and better for Mary because she was enjoying some much anticipated ‘sleeping in.’

Ponte Vineyard Inn

And, as I traveled the back country roads, one of the greatest benefits of photoremedy revealed itself to me. Instead of sitting around whining about a little ‘pain in the back,’ I was able to get out and explore how the roots of wine are often beautiful beyond description.

Callaway Vineyards

Drink wine, and you will sleep well. Sleep, and you will not sin. Avoid sin, and you will be saved. Ergo, drink wine and be saved. – Medieval German saying

Photoart by Greg (Monte De Oro Winery)


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