All Roads Lead Home

In our January 28 post, I talked about how my native Kansas (often contrary to uninformed opinions) is a great place for travel photography. I wrote, “If everyone could see what I’m seeing through my camera viewfinder, it would be clear that Kansas was indeed a great destination to see and experience.”

That point was reinforced, again, recently when we returned to Cloud County. The area, I believe, represents a great slice of Kansas. Heck, it represents an impressive slice of the entire Midwestern region. More ambitiously stated, it is Americana.

I was blessed to have a couple of opportunities to wander the back roads looking for the local flavor while we were there for Mary’s mom’s estate sale and auction in May. A few of my favorite photos from those excursions are featured here. Additional sample are offered on our Exploration Communication website.



On my road trips, I found beauty in the burgeoning wheat fields, as they seemingly reached for perfectly painted skies.The comeliness was there even in the livestock, who were curiously attracted to my lens and were oblivious to the possibility that they would soon become photoart. I suppose that I should be a bit embarrassed that while they were so freely offering me photo-remedy, I was thinking, “Boy, I’m going to have to get me a big old porterhouse this trip!”

I’m a bad, albeit hungry, man.The truth of the matter is there was beauty in the unexplored…

in the lovingly maintained…in the forgotten…

and even in the quiet reminders that, eventually, all roads will lead us home. – Greg

3 thoughts on “All Roads Lead Home

  1. I am excited to go to Kansas now. Our first trip will be in a few weeks. Your pictures are absolutely beautiful. Amazing!! The last one is now my home screen on my iPad.

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