Our Ancient Thanksgiving Roots?

In a land far away, a time long ago, one man forever changed how future generations would come to know the true meaning of ‘thanks giving.’

As an adult, he likely never traveled more than a couple of hundred miles from his place of birth, yet his words and actions inspired many nations to value what we are celebrating on this day in America. Because of the way he changed hearts, people fled to our shores to start a colony where religious freedom would forever be protected and treasured.

Here, people of many colors, beliefs, and cultures have consistently come together on this day to break bread and give thanks. Our ancestors have done this during times of war, peace, abundance, and struggle. They have come together to be thankful for both our triumphs and tragedies, for those who are with us and those who have departed.

And just like the man from Nazareth, so many recognize the importance of giving thanks to our heavenly father, recognizing that there is a distinct plan built by a creator who knows us, loves us, and whose wisdom far exceeds our comprehension. When we embrace that there is one greater than us, it is much easier to look for the blessings in our lives at all times. It is much easier to be humble in our victories and hopeful when we face great challenges. It is much easier to understand the importance of giving thanks always.

In light of this, Happy Thanksgiving to you today! It is our prayer that all of us find a moment today where we take inventory of our blessings, snap a few memorable photos, and give thanks to all who played roles in creating this great day of grace and reflection.

– Greg and Andrew

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