Seeing the World Through New Eyes

It is incredibly tempting to rush your way through Northern California. There is so much to see and do that you have to be careful to not fall in the trap of looking so forward to the next stop that you fail to fully take in what’s right in front of you.

We wrapped up our trip to the Napa and Bay areas with a couple of days in San Francisco. It was there that I was reminded of another one of the great photo-remedy benefits–seeing the world through new eyes.

Traveling down Market Street, and in the area surrounding the famous Ferry Building, I found myself looking for (and finding) interesting views and photography angles. It was a great way to experience the city. The people, the architecture, the landscaping, even the produce on display were all worth observing.

It helped me gain appreciation for the many little gems that it seemed other people were likely missing while lost in their hurry to get where they were going.  At one point, I found myself thinking, “So many people are missing out on what I’m experiencing while looking through my camera’s view finder.”

I also thought that, perhaps, it is that way with God. While too many of us are frequently going through life like a humming bird zooming through a herd of hungry cats, he sees the good all around us. Through his viewfinder, he sees all the beautiful colors on an overcast day. He see the street musician earning a living making other people smile. He sees a young woman falling in love.

Note: These and other photographs from Greg’s time peering through a viewfinder in San Francisco can be found at: 

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