One Perfect Day in San Francisco

Blue Angel aircraft over Alcatraz Island during 2011 Fleet Week

If you set aside politics and pre-conceived notions, it’s hard to deny that San Francisco is one of the most beautiful densely populated cities in the world. Television personality Larry King, for example, reportedly indicated the ultimate travel destination for him would be one perfect day in the Golden Gate City.

October 2011 sunset on Golden Gate Bridge 

“It’s a perfect 72 degrees, clear, the sky bright blue,” King has said. “I’d start down at Fisherman’s Wharf with someone I really like and end with a romantic dinner and a ride over the Golden Gate Bridge.  There’s no city like it anywhere.  And, if I could be there with the girl of my dreams, that would be the ultimate.”

Fight for the sky during 2011 Fleet Week

 During our recent trip to San Francisco, the Bay area, and the Napa-Sonoma region, I was fortunate enough to be there with the girl of my dreams (Mary, my wife of 29 years) and three pairs of our wonderful ‘couple friends.’ We basically started the day in the Fisherman’s Wharf area, which is where we got to take in the approaching 70 degree weather and occasional blue skies.  The skies were blue just long enough to capture the photos featured here looking up at both the water and shore birds and at some of the aircraft participating in Fleet Week 2011.

Photo-remedy Words of Wisdom  

Focusing your eyes towards the skies can be a challenging and beautiful part of photo-remedy, but don’t do it for too long if you are looking to avoid a pain in the neck! – Greg

Navy Blue Angels during Fleet Week 2011

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