Readers Speak Up!

Photo courtesy of Allison G., Prescott, AZ

Note from Greg: We have already registered some encouraging comments on the blog. The letter below came from Prescott, Arizona. It is shared with Allison’s permission. We encourage others to share their thoughts on how photography can be a remedy for whatever ails them.

Amazing that you should say this today!

This morning, I was very stressed and a little down. So, after I dropped Stefanie at school I stopped at a local lake to take in the beauty of nature. Nature has long been an elixir for my mind and soul and knew a short stop would be just what the doctor ordered. Without thinking, I began taking pictures with my camera phone. Before I knew it, I was peaceful and joyful, again. I thought to myself, maybe I should be more intentional about getting out and photographing nature.

And, then, out of nowhere… I thought about all the beautiful nature photos you’ve posted on FB! I was wondering if you felt the way I did when you took your photos. It was so restorative for me at that moment, and as I continued looking at the pictures throughout the day… it preserved the moment and kept me peaceful and joyful. Thank you for sharing your photos and your story. It has absolutely encouraged me. 🙂

Photo and note from:  Allison G., Prescott, AZ 

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